Real Estate Turkey

Because of the lodging need coming about because of relocation from towns to urban communities and because of the absence of satisfactory supervision of unlicensed development, unpredictable development started to rise and after that venture into real urban communities, for example, Real Estate Turkey After the populace increment in the urban communities of 20.1% from 1940 to 1950, it achieved 80.2% somewhere in the range of 1950 and 1960, this circumstance intensified during the 1960s, and ghettos had a reasonable character in urban communities, and praoceeded during the 1970s, coming full circle during the 1980s.

Istanbul ghettos Thusly, the early long stretches of the Turkish Republic mirrored the engineering personality of urban communities, for example, low-floor houses and multi-story structures. In any case, the phase of ghettos left structures that give no significance to quality and engineering plan, and don't relate at all to the way of life of the city, this annihilation has achieved all urban areas, particularly Istanbul!