Property in Turkey

The Land Registry Office will educate the purchaser of the result of their checks. In the event that the purchaser isn't confined from buying the property in Turkey and it isn't situated inside a military or extraordinary zone, the Land Registry Office will give the purchaser an arrangement for exchanging proprietorship. The period of time between the gatherings' application and accepting the Land Registry Office's choice will rely upon the correspondence between the Land Registry Directorate and the military experts. In certain occurrences, this may take over a month. On the off chance that the Land Registry Office decays the outsider's application to purchase the property, this choice can be spoke to the pertinent Regional Office of the Land Registry Directorate.

Title exchange at the Land Registry Office When the Land Registry Office favors the purchaser to buy the property, both the purchaser and the dealer (or their intermediaries) must visit the applicable Land Registry Office to play out the deal exchange. The purchaser and merchant ought to have concurred on the terms of the buy before visiting the Land Registry Office. On the off chance that either party approves an intermediary to follow up for their benefit in the deal or buy of land, the intermediary must be issued by a Notary Public in the structure required by enactment.